Meet the Women

Cheeky Fashionista The Cheeky Fashionistaís idea of a perfect afternoon is lunch with her girlfriends and shopping to follow. When listing her hobbies, shopping is always included. Upon walking into a store, count on her to scoop up the best finds in the place. The only other thing that gives her the same high as a great pair of shoes is a great girlfriend.

Occupation: Fashion Magazine Editor
Favorite color: Whatever happens to be the color of the season
Pet: a Siamese kitten named Princess
Food: Vegan
Hobbies: Pilates, shopping, traveling
Canít live without: cashmere and lip gloss

Meet the Women

Cheeky Mom You know youíre a Cheeky Mom when you can unfold a stroller, while chatting on your cell, with a baby on your hip and a latte in your hand, and still look great doing it! The Cheeky Mom can usually pull it off and laugh when she canít. With her girlfriends and diet soda, anything is possible.

Occupation: Busy mom to 2, and part time hair stylist
Favorite color: Candy Apple Green
Pet: Labrador (chocolate)
Food: Whatever is healthy and quick to fix
Hobbies: blogging & running
Canít live without: her cell phone and life planner

Meet the Women

Cheeky Friend The Cheeky Friend is the one friend you know will give you the honest truth about your new haircut or how those jeans really make you look. Sheís the one you borrow clothes from for that event where you really need to look great. Youíre not afraid to call her at midnight when you need a listening ear. She knows all about you and loves you even more!

Occupation: Marketing Director
Favorite color: Periwinkle
Pet: Yorkshire Terrier
Food: sushi
Hobbies: Yoga, party planning, shopping
Canít live without: Twitter and girlís night out

Meet the Women

Cheeky Dame The Cheeky Woman feels anything but invisible. Sheís experienced life and is ready to share her wisdom. She wouldnít relive her twenties, although every birthday she canít seem to get out of them. She knows that age isnít a number, itís a feeling. And sheís feeling fabulous!

Occupation: retired model and artist
Favorite color: Red
Pet: Chevalier King Charles puppy named Charlie
Food: Healthy and fresh
Hobbies: photography, painting, and kick-boxing
Canít live without: Botox and gossip magazines

Meet the Women

Cheeky Foodie The Cheeky Foodie knows that itís really chocolate thatís a girl’s best friend. The therapy of a caramel macchiato should never be underestimated. A frosted cupcake is pure happiness. Itís the everyday joys that make life a celebration.

Occupation: Occupational Therapist
Favorite color: Turquoise
Pet: Parakeet named Pookie
Food: Loves it all, especially sweets
Hobbies: Running, yoga, and baking
Can't live without: red velvet cupcakes, mint chip ice cream, lemon cheesecakeÖ

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