About Us

Cheeky Woman is about relationships. It’s about connecting and finding the joy and humor between friends, sisters, moms, and daughters. Today women are busier than ever. We educate ourselves and earn degrees; we date and marry good, honest men; we break up with lousy men; we bear children and strive to raise good citizens of the world; we have careers in an effort to provide for our families; we volunteer our time within our communities; and have girlfriends that we rarely see. We are the modern woman.

Cheeky Woman wants to facilitate that woman-to-woman connection that we should make time for. We have created greeting cards and gifts for this very purpose. Cheeky Woman is out to make correspondence a little sassier. Imagine that, sending a greeting card in the mail! Yes, through that same postal service that usually brings you bills and junk mail. Now you can give and hopefully receive one of these fun and sassy cards through the mail.

Technology is more prevalent than it has ever been. With smart phones and tablets being everywhere, there are apps for almost everything. Texting, tweeting, and “hanging out” on Facebook, has immersed us all in instantly sending a “greeting” to someone. Today, the handwritten note is more meaningful than ever.

However, at Cheeky Woman we do not discriminate against the tech savvy. In fact, we applaud technology, which is why Cheeky Woman has a few things in the works for our tech savvy friends. Stay tuned!

Cheeky Woman cares about women enough to partner with the Women’s Cancer Research Foundation. We are dedicated to helping women when they need it most. A percentage of all profits go toward this foundation to help fund ongoing research and support.

Greeting cards and gifts that celebrate the sassy, savvy woman in all of us

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